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Parent Groups

Parents and Guardians of Delwood School students are invited to attend School Council meetings and or join the School Council to provide input and advice to assist our school.

Delwood School Council Goals

  • to help all school children reach their potential by working in partnership with the school
  • to provide input into school philosophy, planning, policy, programs and budget
  • to promote unity within the school
  • to encourage parent participation in the activities of the school and of the School Council
  • to create awareness and make recommendations about educational issues at local and provincial levels
  • to embrace language learning and cultural diversity in our programs
  • to increase awareness of Delwood School in the community
  • to have membership in the parent council that is representative of the diversity of Delwood School programs

Delwood Parent Support Association Goals

  • to raise funds in any legitimate way to achieve the objectives of the school and School Council
  • to use the funds of the Council to support the above aims and objectives